Little Dutch

The brand Little Dutch is indispensable in the Netherlands, but other countries in Europe also love it. From the name you can already hear that it is a typical Dutch brand. The plastic toys are exclusively available at our company. As a Little Dutch wholesaler, we develop several great products, together with the designers of Little Dutch. The toys we introduce to the market are perfectly tailored to the different product lines of Little Dutch. Prospective parents can decorate the nursery or the play corner in the living room with both toys and home decorations in the same style.

It all started with making lampshades in an attic room. Since then Little Dutch has grown into the leading brand when it comes to all kinds of baby products, from toys to clothing and from tableware to cuddly blankets. Would you like to discover more about our collection as a Little Dutch wholesaler and about this nice brand? Then read more in the product overview and keep an eye on this page regularly. There are a lot of new products in development so the collection will certainly be expanded even further!

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    About the brand Little Dutch

    As you have already read, this brand all started in an attic room. Rinke van der Helm and her sister started making lampshades. Two years later they launched their own label: Little Dutch. And within 10 years this brand has grown into an established name in the Netherlands, but also in the rest of Europe. A Dutch company that went international with products that children all over Europe recognize. The collection consists of modern essentials, accessories and colorful toys for babies and children. Besides the fact that the products look beautiful, they are also of high quality.

    The mission of Little Dutch is to contribute to the most important years of a child's life with its large collection of products. This is the period when they really start discovering the world. They like to offer extra warmth and comfort for the little ones with the textile products. With the toys, the brand supports the different stages of a child's development.

    Collection Little Dutch

    As a Little Dutch wholesaler, we offer a variety of products. In the collection we have both small and large toys. Besides the educational toys, bath books, playpen toys and children's tableware you will also find a beautiful Little Dutch retro walker that will entertain your little one for hours. At Van der Meulen we attach great value to products with a high play value and a good quality: therefore we are very happy to be wholesaler of Little Dutch products. The brand represents excellent and high quality products.

    Why choose Little Dutch wholesaler Van der Meulen?

    Would you like to buy high quality toys from a brand that is at the top of many people's list? Then the products from the Little Dutch collection are perfect for you. The brand is known to many mothers and families, so there is a lot of demand for them. The products look cheerful, beautiful and are of high quality, so there's hours of fun in them.

    Do you have a question about our Little Dutch collection? Do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you!