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Magic Puzzle wholesaler Van der Meulen provides lots of puzzle fun. The puzzles in the Magic Puzzle assortment continue to fascinate. The endless possibilities and combinations will keep you playing with it. Let your imagination run wild and try to assemble the craziest shapes. Magic Puzzle is there for both children and adults, you can make the puzzles as complicated as you want. Challenge each other with competitions to see who makes a figure the fastest, or have the other person imitate your intricate figure. The possibilities are endless, so there are 'many ways to play'.

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    Assortment Magic Puzzle

    Within the assortment of Magic Puzzle you will find a diverse range of puzzles. The puzzles challenge you and help you improve spatial awareness. The puzzles are available in different colors or multicolor. Our puzzles are available in a variety of shapes. This way, each puzzle allows you to express yourself in a different way. The puzzles come in circle, triangle and square variations. In addition to the Magic Puzzles that allow you to create your own shapes, the Twist and Turn, Rainbow Ball and Cube 2-in-1 require you to really find solutions.

    Clown Games

    Clown Games have been entertaining young and old for years, with games like 15 Go!, Penguin Balance and Shut the Box. We come up with new, original games every year while not losing sight of affordability. Our games have been nominated several times for the election of Toys of the Year in the Netherlands and are real evergreens.

    Fidget toys

    The items from Magic Puzzle are perfect examples of Fidget toys. Fidget toys are a new craze for both young and old. We all know the moments when we are fidgeting with something in our minds. With the Fidgets from Magic Puzzle you have endless opportunities to stay busy. Make the craziest shapes or try to solve one of the puzzles and forget about the world around you for a while.

    Magic Puzzle wholesale

    As a Magic Puzzle wholesaler we are happy to help you get started with our assortment. Would you like to offer our games in your store or webshop? You can purchase all items from us. Puzzling and fidget toys remain a popular pastime. So with Magic Puzzle you are guaranteed success.

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