Who didn't grow up with miffy? This cute and sweet bunny steals the hearts of many children, but adults also like miffy. As a miffy wholesaler we offer various miffy products.  We are the exclusive miffy distributor of the plastic toys. The collection consists of many more products.  As a miffy wholesaler we like to offer a very diverse selection, so that there is something suitable for everyone. Miffy is a worldwide popular bunny that appeals to many children all over the world. The bunny gives children a warm, pleasant feeling and a sense of freedom. Many children recognize themselves in miffy and the adventures that the bunny experiences.

Would you like to know more about miffy and our products as a miffy wholesaler? Then read more in the product overview. Did you also know that we develop products together with the license holder of miffy, which are exclusively available from our wholesaler? These products can be recognized by the RuboToys logo

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    About miffy

    Miffy was 'born' in 1955. It all originated during a vacation in Egmond aan Zee. Dick Bruna, also called 'the father of miffy', told a story to his oldest son every night before bedtime. This story was about a white bunny that walked around in the garden of the vacation home. This bunny was the inspiration for miffy. Dick Bruna loves to draw and soon miffy appeared on paper. He liked a dress more than a pair of pants. That's why miffy became a girl.

    At first miffy looked like a stuffed animal, with somewhat clumsy ears. From 1963, when miffy's booklets appeared, the bunny got a slightly different appearance. She became the bunny we know today. So the name miffy is derived from bunny. In other countries the original Dutch name "nijntje" can be difficult to pronounce. That's why nijntje is not called nijntje in every country. She's called miffy abroad. This name is easy for anyone to pronounce. Since 1996 nijntje has been called miffy outside the Netherlands.

    Miffy collection

    Our miffy collection contains various products: from miffy toys for babies and toddlers to tableware to educational toys and also various fabric products. We are also the exclusive distributor of miffy's plastic toys! Miffy toys look fun and adventurous. Every child can have hours of fun with the toys. The toys are also of high quality. This ensures a long durability and extra long playing hours. Children can play creatively with miffy and use their own imagination, but also learn in a fun way. The most popular products are undoubtedly the tableware (made of tin and plastic), the bath figurines, the miffy music pad and the miffy rainmaker to use in the bath tub.

    Why choose miffy wholesaler Van der Meulen?

    The bunny miffy is a true idol to many children all over the world. That's why miffy certainly belongs in our collection. Our product range consists of various miffy products for both indoors and outdoors. In our showroom in Sneek you can take a look at our miffy products. We also have a showroom in Middelburg. Ask for the possibilities by contacting us. This also applies in case you have a question. We like to help you personally, so don't hesitate to contact us.

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