Paw Patrol

As a Paw Patrol wholesaler we offer you a wide product selection. Paw Patrol is an adventurous children's series that first aired on Nickelodeon in 2013. Today, this incredibly popular series can also be seen on other streaming channels. Children love this adventurous TV show, which is about a rescue team consisting of heroic puppies. The puppies each have their own qualities and character. For example, Marshall is a fire department puppy and Chase is a police puppy.

Children often have their own favorite puppy and our product selection as a Paw Patrol wholesaler consists of a wide selection of toys from the different puppies and their leader Ryder. Want to know more about Paw Patrol and our collection? Then read more under the product overview.

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    About Paw Patrol

    Children love adventure, and that's a theme that comes back a lot in the series of Paw Patrol. The cute puppies are determined and need help to protect the inhabitants of Adventure Bay from all kinds of dangers. Of course, there are a lot of exciting rescues involved. The puppies are led by a 10-year-old boy: Ryder. The puppies are loved by both boys and girls. This is because the puppies each have their own character and appearance, which the children like.

    Our collection

    Paw Patrol is part of the toys of one of the characters we offer, such as Miffy en Baby Shark. As a Paw Patrol wholesaler we offer a wide and diverse collection of these adventurous puppies. The puppies, for example, each have their own vehicle with which they go out on the road. From cars to boats and helicopters to complete play sets! The cars are available in both plastic and die-cast versions. The puppies of Paw Patrol roll in their rescue vehicles. A child's imagination will be stimulated by rescue missions full of friendship, team spirit and courage when playing with Paw Patrol's toys.

    Besides stuffed animals you will also find other toys from Paw Patrol in our assortment. We have beautiful and cute Ty Paw Patrol stuffed animals with a size of 10 cm. The brand Ty is especially recognizable from the big eyes the stuffed animals have and the same goes for the Ty Paw Patrol stuffed animals. This gives them a very nice and child friendly look.

    To complete our collection as Paw Patrol wholesaler, we also have VTech Paw Patrol watches that children can learn from. Also games, coloring sets, puzzles, coloring books, outdoor toys, accessories and many other items can be found in our product collection.

    Why choose Paw Patrol wholesaler Van der Meulen?

    The adventurous Paw Patrol puppies are winning over more and more children's hearts. Especially in the Netherlands, the series is being discovered more and more by children. The series continues to innovate, with current themes such as Dino Rescue and Mighty Pups. In our showroom in Sneek you are invited to come and have a look at the Paw Patrol products in real life. We also have a showroom in Middelburg. Ask for the possibilities by contacting us. This also applies if you have a question or would like some advice. We are happy to help you personally.