Pet Friends

Pet Friends wholesale Van der Meulen delivers the cutest and most environmentally friendly plush stuffed cuddly toys! Since we all know that the plastic soup in the oceans is causing many problems, we at van der Meulen decided to lend a hand. Our Pet Friends are made from 100% recycled plastic. They are just as soft as other cuddly toys and super nice to play with. In addition, they are also good for the environment!

Pet Friends
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    PET bottle to plush

    The production process of Pet Friends goes through a number of steps. The plastic from the collected PET bottles is ground into small pieces at the factory. This mass is heated, then made into granules. The yarn is spun from the granules, so that fabric can be made from which the cuddly toys are made. Not only did they look at the plush itself, but at all elements: even the fabric tag, paper hangtag and display are made entirely of recycled materials.

    Pet friends collection

    Pet Friends wholesaler van der Meulen introduces a collection of cuddly toys inspired by the sea. The cuddly toys are not only inspired by the sea, they also help the sea. The PET bottles, from which our plushies are made, literally come from the ocean. That's how these sea animal cuddly toys actually come from the sea!

    Plush cuddly toys

    Pet Friend s' plush cuddly toys have an adorable and friendly appearance. To cuddle! In the collection you will find different animals from the sea. Seals, orcas and dolphins come in different sizes. The seals and dolphins have 2 color variations. The shark is the largest plush in the collection and is available in 33 and 55cm versions.

    Pet friends wholesale

    As a Pet Friends wholesaler we are happy to help you get started with our product range of games. Do you want to offer our cuddly toys in your store or web shop? You can purchase all plushies from us. The animals in our range are well known to everyone and will always remain popular choices for your customers.

    Want to know more about our Pet Friends product range? Please feel free to contact us. We like to help you personally!