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At Aerobie distributor Van der Meulen you’ll buy the most aerodynamic throwing toys! Aerobie’s frisbees and other throwing toys have been designed for the farthest possible flight. Aerobie’s founder, Alan Adler, noticed the shortcomings of other frisbees of the 1970’s. After 8 years of research and development, he designed a frisbee that broke the record for the farthest thrown object.

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    Aerobie’s frisbees look different from what you’re used to. The frisbees have a slick design, as extra attention was paid to aerodynamics. This design allows for easy longer distance throws. Apart from aerodynamics, ease of use has also been a consideration. The frisbees have an easy grip providing for farther throws.


    You’ll not just find frisbees in Aerobie’s product range. Superdiscs en Flying Rings are variations on the classic frisbee. The Squidgie disc is a flexible variety of the Superdisc, which makes it perfectly suitable for children. Additionally you’ll find the Pocket Frisbee in the product range, a small disc that allows you to play all sorts of games. And finally Aerobie offers unique triangular boomerangs, that always travel back to you.


    As Aerobie distributor we’ll gladly help you on your way with our assortment of frisbees, boomerangs and throwing toys. Would you like to offer our frisbees in your shop or webshop? You can buy all Aerobie articles from us. These variations on the classic frisbee are ideal for sunny days. Whether you’re in the park or on the beach, you’ll always have great fun with Aerobie.

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