SportX wholesaler Van der Meulen supplies the best recreational sports brand in Europe. Relaxed playing a game of soccer in the park or volleyball on the beach? With SportX you are assured of having fun in sports. SportX 's extensive product assortment makes it possible to find the right gear for every sport. The demand for sporting goods remains high and with the quality of SportX you are guaranteed success.

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    SportX sporting goods

    With SportX’s sporting goods you can fill a very wide assortment. From soccer to darts and from swimming equipment to table tennis. SportX lines have great goods for almost all sports. Our sporting goods are developed with recreation in mind. The perfect brand to take with you on holiday, whether you want to kick a ball around or snorkel along the coast. The products meet high quality standards and can therefore withstand rough handling.

    Assortment SportX

    The assortment of Sportx has something for everyone. Within the assortment you will find balls for most ball sports such as soccer, volleyball, rugby. Sports such as tennis, badminton and table tennis are not forgotten either. When you go on holiday, it's always nice to have some sports products with you for some much-needed entertainment. SportX is the brand for this. Whether you're going on a sun, sea and beach holiday to snorkel or you just want to kick a ball around, the extensive assortment includes everything you need. Also, SportX even has convenient folding goals so there is room for a game of soccer anytime, anywhere.

    SportX wholesale

    As a SportX wholesaler we are happy to help you get started with our range of games. Would you like to offer our games in your store or webshop? You can purchase all SportX items from us. Sporting goods such as balls, cones and badminton shuttles will always be in high demand. So with this assortment you can be sure of success.

    Want to know more about our SportX assortment? Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you personally!