Rhombus wholesaler Van der Meulen supplies the most beautiful kites! Rhombus kites have been filling the horizon over beaches and parks for more than 40 years. Our range of kites gets new designs every year, so you are always assured of a unique kite. Rhombus kites are known for their quality and perfect flying abilities.

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    Rhombus kites

    Rhombus kites are always ready to fly, all supplies and accessories are included in the package. On the package you will also find useful information, such as the recommended age, wind strength and dimensions of the kites. Within our product range you will find kites for children and adults. In the junior range you will find single-line kites, which in terms of size are especially suitable for children. Kites in animal shapes and such are also suitable for children. The larger stunt kites and mattress kites are also available in different sizes and therefore suitable for both children and adults.


    In addition to kites, at Rhombus we also have fun windcatchers. Do you want to brighten up your garden a bit? With our windcatchers you create movement and add cheerful colors to your garden. We have windcatchers in hanging and standing varieties. Nice spirals, bees, ladybugs and butterflies that will give your garden a cheerful look.

    Assortment Rhombus

    As a Rhombus wholesaler we carry a wide product range of kites. From small child kites to large mattress kites. We also supply spare parts for our kites, useful as upsale items. The rings for the lines are available separately, both with and without a line. You can also order handy kitestraps from us. To present the kites nicely in your store we have 2 metal displays in our range. This will ensure an orderly and beautiful presentation, which is also mobile. The sturdy displays can be easily placed in areas with high traffic.

    Rhombus wholesale

    As a Rhombus wholesaler we are happy to help you get started with our product range of kites. Would you like to offer our kites and windcatchers in your store or webshop? You can purchase all Rhombus kites from us. Within our range you will find kites for the hobbyist and the fanatic kite flyer, with our range you will always be successful.

    Want to know more about our Rhombus product range? Feel free to contact us. We like to help you personally!