As we’re an Intex importer, you will find a very wide range of Intex products with us. Intex specializes in airbeds, above ground pools, boats, toys, in other words:  summer and water related items. This world famous brand was founded in 1965 in Los Angeles. Intex was the very first manufacturer of above-ground swimming pools and inflatable toys. These products are still very much part of our life today. As an Intex wholesaler you will therefore also find a wide range of the various products that Intex manufactures.

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    What characterizes Intex?

    As an Intex wholesaler, we believe it is important that products meet high quality standards. This is certainly the case at Intex. Intex offers products of the highest quality at the best prices. Products that moreover guarantee comfort, safety and fun! The products are manufactured according to the newest techniques and quality standards. In addition, perfect cooperation between the various companies within the Intex group ensures the most efficient way of designing, manufacturing and distributing of the products. That's how Intex can provide the best quality at a low price.

    Intex products

    The product range of Intex is mainly focused on water and summer activities. That's why the collection consists of children's swimming bands. These are also available with Disney figures on them. High quality always comes first. Besides swimming bands you will also find all kinds of different airbeds for the pool or beach in our product range.

    The Intex airbeds are available in all kinds of different shapes. From a donut, to various fruits and an actual flamingo party island. Floating on the water now becomes a real party. However, Intex is best known for the above-ground swimming pools. As an Intex importer we also have them in our collection. The demand for swimming pools has recently grown rapidly. More and more people like to have a swimming pool in their own garden when the weather is nice.

    The added advantage of an Index swimming pool is that these too are of high quality. So in our product range you will find the Intex swimming pools, but also the necessary and useful accessories. Think of a filter pump, separate filters, protective covers and items to clean the pool with. We offer a complete package.

    Why choose Intex wholesaler & importer Van der Meulen?

    Intex has a solid reputation and is known for its good price and quality ratio. You will therefore find a wide range of Intex products at our Intex wholesaler. Including inflatable boats, beds and of course the above-ground swimming pools. We have our own distribution center in Sneek with a showroom where you are very welcome to visit us. Our showroom is as large as 1200 m2. Besides Sneek you will also find a showroom in Middelburg. We are happy to help you in person in the showroom. Any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us.