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Bruynzeel wholesale Van der Meulen delivers the most fun brand to draw and paint with! Who hasn't used them when growing up? Bruynzeel's drawing materials have been stimulating the imagination of us all since 1948. At Bruynzeel, they believe that every drawing expresses an idea worth sharing. We agree with them, which is why you can buy a complete collection of Bruynzeel items from us.

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    Bruynzeel drawing and painting

    Bruynzeel allows you to express all your creativity, whether you want to paint in water or get to work with markers or wax crayons. In our collection, you will find materials for all your creative expressions. These popular drawing materials can be found in almost every school. As a Bruynzeel wholesaler, we like to help spread creativity. That is why these drawing and colouring materials should be part of the collection of every creative store.

    Bruynzeel collection

    In our Bruynzeel collection you will find a complete selection of coloring and drawing articles. Even for drawing on fabric you can find pens, so you can decorate your own shirts. On paper, you can use all your creativity with markers, wax crayons, pencils and more. But of course you do not have to limit yourself to paper. Let your creativity run wild. With the Bruynzeel collection you are guaranteed to succeed. Quality and a well-known name will always keep Bruynzeel selling.

    Bruynzeel batch sales

    As a Bruynzeel wholesaler we would like to guide you through our collection of drawing and coloring materials. Would you like to sell the Bruynzeel collection in your store or web shop? You can purchase all drawing and coloring materials here. The drawing and writing materials of Bruynzeel are and will always be a concept: a guaranteed success in your selection!

    Would you like to know more about our Bruynzeel collection? Feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you personally!