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Carrera wholesaler van der Meulen delivers the best controllable vehicles and race tracks in the Netherlands! With Carrera you are assured of excitement and speed. The cars of Carrera have a very realistic design. The models are based on designs from the automotive world. These racetracks and vehicles bring a racing sensation to your own living room.

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    Carrera controllable cars

    Besides race tracks, Carrera also develops controllable cars. The controllable cars are inspired by the coolest licenses. There are controllable karts based on the Mario kart series, cars of Red Bull and Minions. The controllable cars complement your RC collection perfectly and are guaranteed to be a hit with fans of racing and games.

    Flying toys

    Carrera is not only good with cars, but also produces flying toys. The flying toys are based on the Mario Kart universe and include a flying Mario and Yoshi. You will also find a mini Mario drone in the collection, this is remote controlled and always a hit in your selection.

    Carrera race tracks

    Carrera's race tracks are a household name around the world. There is nothing more exciting than racing against your friends through hairpin curves and loops. Just make sure you keep your car on the track. A perfect mix of speed and timing will ensure you win every race. Carrera's race tracks are easy to build yourself and you can even expand them. A perfect addition to any racetrack collection and popular with racing enthusiasts.

    Carrera batch sales

    As a Carrera wholesaler we would like to guide you through our selection of RC and race tracks. Do you want to offer our products in your store or web shop? You can buy all Carrera RC and race tracks from us. With icons such as Mario and Minions, Carrera's products will always be popular choices for your customers.

    Would you like to know more about our Carrera collection? Feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you personally!