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Are you looking for beautiful and qualitative baby and toddler toys ? We have a wide product range of toys for babies and toddlers , that will keep children entertained. After about 3 months children start to play, they can, for example, hold a rattle. The toys in our collection not only look beautiful, they also have an important function. Playing with toys develops good motor skills. In addition, a teething ring can be used, for example, to relieve pain when teething.

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    Our product range of baby toys

    There are all kinds of different baby toys. Here you will find a large collection that has been carefully put together for different playtimes throughout the day. Thus, bath toys are not only fun, but also functional. After all, children have fun in the bath and are also developing themselves.

    In our product range of baby toys you will find various licensed items. We develop these items exclusively for the Dutch and European toy market, in cooperation with the licensing party. From Little Dutch we have an extensive toy line for bathing. In addition the Miffy rainmaker is very nice to take into the bath, just like the Woezel & Pip bath book.

    If the baby is lying in the playpen, then playpen toys cannot be missing. They are helpful for motor skills and often contain sounds and lights. A nice example is My first TV from miffy . In the field of playpen toys, we have an extensive product range including licensed items, for example from Little Dutch. Woezel & Pip also have a special baby line, which can be recognised by its soft colours.

    Toddler toys product range

    Toddlers are, of course, more advanced in terms of motor skills. They can already walk and the toy options are more extensive. For toddlers there is a special line of Woezel & Pip which can be recognised by its bright colours. After all, toddlers love striking colours and sounds. They are looking for more of a challenge while playing and Clementoni toys are a very nice brand for that. The world really opens up for toddlers and they enter a completely different world of experience. That means: go exploring and learn even more!

    Baby and toddler toys at Van der Meulen

    If you are looking for a wide product range of both well-known and own toy brands, then Van der Meulen is the right place. We are happy to help you put together an attractive and suitable product range. In addition to being able to view our product range online, we also have a showroom. It is located in Sneek and Middelburg. The showroom at our headquarters in Sneek is no less than 1200 m2 in size.

    For questions or more information, please contact us.