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At Goliath wholesaler Van der Meulen buy the best board games for home and travel. Goliath games was founded in 1980 and started as a producer of 1 game, by 1 man, in 1 country. Over time, Goliath has grown into one of the largest game manufacturers in the world. You will find Goliath Games all over the world. From selling Rummikub games on the street to global games giant. The Goliath brand is a fantastic addition to any game collection.

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    Goliath games

    The Goliath games often are all about finding combinations and solving problems to win. If you like a challenge and enjoy cracking your brain over puzzles and combinations, then this is the games brand for you. The games of a Goliath are well known to every game lover. The big names like Rummikub everyone knows. This brand should not be missing in your games collection!

    Goliath collection

    Within the Goliath collection you will find both normal and travel game versions of popular games. The travel game versions are perfect to carry in your luggage because of their size. So even on vacation you can enjoy your favorite games. The normal board games of Goliath always do well in your collection. Big names such as Rolit and Rummikub will always be popular choices with the general public. With this brand you are guaranteed to have success in your shop!

    Goliath batch sales

    As a Goliath wholesaler we are happy to help you with our board game collection. Do you want to sell the Goliath collection in your store or web shop? You can purchase all games and travel games from us. The Goliath games have been entertaining young and old for years, and should therefore be a part of your collection.

    Would you like to know more about our Goliath collection? Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you personally!