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At LOL distributor Van der Meulen you’ll find the most fun surprise dolls. LOL dolls are a true rage and the ultimate collector’s experience. Which doll you’ll get is always a surprise; the doll variety of the surprise egg. Unwrapping LOL dolls is already an experience, because of the different layers that hide hints and accessories for the dolls. Should you have a doll twice, then you can always swap them with another LOL collector. There are rare dolls for the fanatic collectors, that will make everybody jealous if you find them.

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    LOL dolls

    LOL dolls are available in infinite variations with an extensive collection of accessories. Which variation comes out of the package will always be a surprise. While unwrapping you solve fun puzzles and riddles. On a poster you can keep track of which figures you already have and which ones you still have to find. Do you have a large collection of dolls? Then you can buy a house for them live in, or showcase them in a display. Cars and other accessories for the dolls are available as well.

    LOL product range

    Within our LOL product range you’ll find all the big LOL hits in different series. From the bigger Fashion Dolls to the smaller Tots and Tweens. Through the surprise packaging you’ll have a guaranteed hit in your selection. LOL remains a bestseller because your collectors will want to complete their collection.

    LOL wholesale

    As LOL distributor we’ll gladly help you on your way with our product range in Surprise toys. Would you like to offer our LOL product range in your shop or webshop? You can buy all the toys with us. For many years now, LOL has surprised children with cool dolls and accessories, so they shouldn’t be absent from your selection of toys.

    Would you like to know more about our LOL product range? Feel free to contact us. We’ll gladly help you get ahead through personal advice!