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At Mattel distributor Van der Meulen you’ll find the most fun toys by one of the best known brands in toyland. Brands like Barbie and Hot Wheels are part of Mattel’s assortment. Do you want to complement your product range with well-known brands and quality toys? Then Mattel is the right choice for you.

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Tumbling Monkeys
Item No. 2010235
Crossed Signals
Item No. 2008384
Scrabble Junior
Item No. 0604039
Blokus Game
Item No. 2010236
Pictionary Air
Item No. 2004136
Scrabble Original
Item No. 0604026
Uno Flex
Item No. 2011794
Uno Dos
Item No. 2011572
Mattel ONO 99
Item No. 2010432
Skip-Bo Junior
Item No. 2010267
Uno All Wild Disp.
Item No. 2010052
Uno Extreme
Item No. 2007856
Uno Showdown
Item No. 2007855
Uno Junior Disp.
Item No. 2006462
Uno Flip Side
Item No. 2005362
Uno Dos
Item No. 2004492

    Mattel toys

    With Mattel toys high quality is assured. There’s a reason this brand grew into one of the biggest toy brands in the world. In 1959 Mattel released Barbie, to be followed two years later by Ken: the iconic duo that is known by everyone. In 1968 Mattel started Hot Wheels which also developed into a world class brand.

    Mattel assortiment

    Apart from Barbie and Hot Wheels, within Mattel’s product range you’ll also find other well known brands and licenses. Thus you’ll find brands like Fisher Price, Mega Bloks and Jurassic World toys under Mattel’s flag. The assortment is very diverse, so with Mattel there’s something for everyone.

    Mattel wholesale

    As Mattel distributor we’ll gladly help you on your way with our product range. Would you like to offer our Mattel assortment in your shop or webshop? You can buy all their toys with us. Mattel thrills children with a range of interactive and high quality toys. For each target group they have a product that matches to a tee.

    Would you like to learn more about our Mattel product range? Feel free to contact us. We’ll gladly help you ahead with some personalized advice!