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At Play-Doh distributor Van der Meulen you’ll find the funnest and most colourful compound. The shape and play compound is suitable for children ages 3 and up and is available in many colours. The compound was originally produced as cleaning substance for wallpaper. From 1950 the compound was readapted and made suitable for crafting. Since 1957 it has been sold in department stores and shops, turning it into a big success with both young and old.

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    Play-Doh compound

    Play-Doh compound is primarily a mixture of water, salt, flour, and wheat. The compound is certified non-toxic and is therefore safe for children to play with. The compound is designed to use over and over again, so it doesn’t harden and provides endless possibilities to improve or expand your creations.

    Play-Doh product range

    Play-Doh’s product range has several different creative themes. You could add separate compounds to your assortment, but fun sets that provide children with hours and hours of playing and fun, are also available. For example, there are dentist sets that allow you to shape teeth and play dentist, using your equipment. Let your imagination flow in the kitchen and shape your own food from compound, indulging your culinary self with fun barbecues, pots, and pans.

    Play-Doh wholesale

    As Play-Doh distributor we’ll gladly help you on your way with our choice of colorful compounds. Would you like to offer our Play-Doh product range in your store or online store? You can buy all compounds with us. Play-Doh thrills children with creative challenges, so it shouldn’t be missing from your toy product range.

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