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At Mookie wholesale Van der Meulen you’ll find the most entertaining ball games. Mookie is the brand for outdoor and action toys. This brand will keep you moving and having fun on holiday or in the backyard. The best known game in Mookie’s range is the Swingball.

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    Mookie Swingball

    Swingball is the toy that turned Mookie into a big name. Swingball has become a real classic: we’ve all seen the game or a variant of it on the playground or the campsite. The concept is simple, a ball tethered to a pole that you hit back and forth. Because of the unique patented swinging system the ball never gets tangled up. This game can rapidly become a fanatical battle, who’ll score the first mishit?

    Mookie product range

    In our Mookie product range you’ll find all Swingball articles. From the fast-paced reflex tennis ot the classic Swingball. For the little ones there’s the Swingball Early Fun set. With this set, children will enjoy themselves outdoors for hours and hours, at the campsite or at home. Swingball shouldn’t be absent in any outdoor game product range and is guaranteed to be a hit in your store.

    Mookie wholesale

    As Mookie wholesale we’ll gladly help you on your way with our choice of Swingball games. Would you like to offer our Mookie assortment at your store or webshop? You can buy all ball games from us. Mookie keeps children and grown-ups moving with their fast-paced ball games. So this collection shouldn´t be missing from your toy range.

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