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At Hasbro wholesale Van der Meulen you can buy the best board games and other toys. Hasbro is known to everyone as the creator of the most popular board game in the world: Monopoly. The American games and toys manufacturer is the fourth largest toy producer in the world. Hasbro has a diverse collection and focuses on different target groups and ages.

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    Hasbro games

    Hasbro's board games are well known to everyone. Everybody has heard the names Monopoly or Risk and played these games. With Hasbro's games you have hours of entertainment with family and friends. Are you traveling and do you want to play a game? Many of the games have a travel version, this is either a smaller version of the games or a card game version. This way you entertain yourself, even in bad weather during your vacation.

    Hasbro collection

    Within Hasbro's collection, you'll also find a number of different licensed items. They offer, among other things, play figures of Star Wars, Marvel and Peppa Pig. You can order all these figures from us. With Hasbro's offer in your collection you are guaranteed success. The popular games such as Risk and Monopoly will always remain popular. The action figures of various famous names from the film world are in demand by every child.

    Hasbro batch sales

    As a Hasbro wholesaler we are happy to help you with our collection of board games. Do you want to sell the Hasbro collection in your store or web shop? You can buy all games and travel games from us. Hasbro's games have been entertaining young and old for years, so they should be part of your game collection

    Would you like to know more about our Hasbro collection? Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you personally!