The Italian brand Bontempi has a collection with all kinds of musical instruments. Making music is very popular with children. Music is important for children and can have a calming effect. In addition, it improves motor skills and acquires knowledge of emotions and language. For young children, toy instruments with keys are ideal. Bontempi has different keyboards, from simple to elaborate. For example the Bontempi Magic Light Keyboard is one of them.

We have an extensive product range of Bontempi with all kinds of different toy musical instruments for children.

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    Our range of Bontempi musical instruments

    In our product range you will find different toy musical instruments from Bontempi. In addition to the various keyboards, we also have guitars. From an acoustic guitar to a sturdy electric guitar. Of course the wooden recorder should not be missing from the product range either. Many children can experience optimal pleasure with the recorder. To complete the product range, there is also a drum kit and a microphone by Bontempi. The Bontempi karaoke microphone has a recording and playback function. It also features 4 different demo songs, applause functions and light effects.

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    Children learn a lot by playing with musical instruments. The Bontempi collection offers multiple advantages in terms of development, creativity and perseverance. Bontempi offers good value for money and an extensive collection. The products come with accessories. There are musical instruments made of wood or plastic and suitable for children from 5-6 years old.

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