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Retro Roller wholesaler Van der Meulen supplies the coolest walking cars! Van der Meulen has been offering our own brand of walking cars with great success since 2014. The range consists of a wide selection of metal walking cars. Retro Roller's walking cars are a real eye-catcher. These toys not only provide hours of fun, they also look great in the living room.

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    Retro Roller walking cars

    With the Retro Roller walking cars, children stay active and have hours of fun. Because the cars are made of sturdy metal, they can take a beating. The coating and paint layer ensures that the metal does not rust and therefore lasts for years. The eye-catching colors and shiny appearance of the walking cars make them stand out everywhere. The models are inspired by classic car models and have a real retro feel.

    Assortment Retro Roller

    The Retro Roller range consists of 22 cars of excellent quality. There are 'basic' walking cars in all colors of the rainbow, formula 1 walking cars and planes for adventurous kids! Furthermore, we offer cars executed in themes, such as a fire brigade, police car and tow truck. Van der Meulen will develop more different Retro Roller cars in the future. The walking car features metal wheels, rubber tires and a plastic seat. Great as a birthday gift, but also very nice as a home accessory!

    Retro Roller Wholesale

    As a Retro Roller wholesale r we'd love to help you get started with our selection of walking cars. Do you want to offer our walking cars in your store or web shop? You can purchase all Retro Rollers from us. The classic cars in our range are familiar to everyone and will always remain popular choices for your customers.

    Want to know more about our Retro Roller product range? Feel free to contact us. We like to help you personally!