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Clementoni wholesaler Van der Meulen delivers the most exciting toy brand with the largest collection! The Clementoni brand is constantly striving for product innovation, this has resulted in a wide and diverse line of educational games and play. In addition, the brand also develops many recreational toys. The Clementoni collection always offers fun for children of all ages.

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    Clementoni toys

    Clementoni toys are developed with the highest care. Almost all the toys are made in Italy in their own factory. This gives them full control over quality and safety. The Clementoni collection has a nice product line for everyone. Clementoni products always come with a detailed instruction manual. Whether you have a hobby, toy or recreational store, you will always find something that fits your selection.

    Clementoni collection

    The Clementoni collection is unique because it is so extensive. You'll find toys for all ages in their selection. From baby toys to intricate puzzles for adults. Many of the Clementoni toys are educational. It encourages logic, hand-eye coordination, memory and imagination, among other things. This makes the toys perfect for schools and curious children. Clementoni manuals are always detailed and available in multiple languages, so you never have to worry about how their toys work. With Clementoni in your collection you are assured of Italian quality: guaranteed success!

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