The Barbie brand is known worldwide. That is why Barbie is not missing in our product range. Many a child has grown up with the dolls with the beautiful long blonde hair. However Barbie has changed a lot in recent years. For example, the models of the Barbie dolls have been modified. The dolls are available with different skin colours, body shapes and there is even a Fashionista Barbie in a wheelchair.

In addition to this development, Barbie is increasingly focusing on all the things that children want to become later. That is why there are the career dolls. In this way, Barbie wants to show that all dreams can come true. With Barbie, children can experience the coolest adventures!

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    Our Barbie product range

    Playing with Barbies starts from about 4-5 years old. In our product range you will find an extensive collection of the careers Barbies and the fantasy line, or Barbie Dreamtopia. Barbie can do anything and the Barbie career dolls are ready to make all dreams come true. Each doll wears an outfit based on a profession, such as a surgical outfit and a stethoscope for the nurse and a chef's hat and a muffin for the pastry chef.

    Barbies of the Dreamtopia line make dreams come true in fantastic outfits with colourful elements. They are available as princesses, mermaids or fairies. Very nice in combination with the Barbie Dreamtopia Magic Unicorn. Barbie sets are popular, but also the vehicles, such as the camper and car are sold a lot.

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