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At Playmobil distributor Van der Meulen you’ll find the funnest play figures. Playmobil are indestructible toys, developed for children between the ages of four and twelve. The Playmobil toy figures are world-famous and have found a place in the toy hearts of young and old.

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    Playmobil toys

    Playmobil toys are perfect for role-playing and for reenacting scenarios. The figures are available in different themes, enhanced with additional accessories. The toy figures were developed by studying the behaviour of playing children. For instance, the figures can be positioned into different poses, but they don’t have as many moving parts as to make that complicated.

    Playmobil product range

    Within the Playmobil product range, you’ll find many themes and collector’s sets. The best-known sets are those sets in which city life is emulated. These City Action sets often consist of figures from emergency services, like the fire department, police and ambulance service. In addition, there are sets of well-known characters, like Asterix and Obelix, well-known car and other brands.

    Playmobil wholesale

    As Playmobil distributor we’ll gladly help you on your way with our choice of play figures. Would you like to offer our Playmobil product range in your shop or online store? You can buy all play figures with us. Playmobil thrills children with creative challenges and role play, so it shouldn’t be missing from your toy product range.

    Would you like to learn more about our Playmobil assortment? Feel free to contact us. We’ll gladly help you ahead with some personalized advice!