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Game on Fishing wholesaler  Van der Meulen ensures lots of fishing fun. Whether you want to catch crabs on the coast or fish quietly at a lake: Game on Fishing fishing tackle is designed for ease of use and durability. Fishing tackle is widely sold in coastal areas and other wetlands. Our assortment is therefore a perfect fit for stores and recreational parks located on the waterfront.

Game on Fishing
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    Assortment Game on Fishing

    Within the assortment of Game on Fishing you will find a diverse range of fishing tackle. Crab fishing is no problem with our crab fishing sets. With our shrimp nets, you catch shrimp to feed your crabs. Do you prefer to sit along the waterfront anyway? With our bamboo fishing rod, telescope rod and casting rods you are assured of a wonderful day of fishing. With the complete fishing case, your set is complete at once and you have room for all your accessories. With the fishing accessories set you always have spare material at hand.

    Fishing Rods

    The assortment of Game on Fishing has a rod for every fisherman. The classic bamboo rod assembles in three parts and is suitable for small lakes and ditches. The telescopic rod is extendable and more suitable for catching larger fish. With our casting rods, you can get out on larger lakes and rivers. Game on Fishing’s rods are divisible or telescoping rods, so they never take up too much space. Handy when you go on holydays.

    Fishing Nets

    In addition to fishing rods, you'll also find fishing nets in the Game on Fishing assortment. With the 120 cm and 200 cm scoop nets, you'll pull the biggest fish out of the water with ease. The 120 cm scoop net is made of lacquered metal, the 200 cm scoop net of aluminum. The shrimp net will keep you busy for hours along the coast and on the beach. The shrimp net is also suitable as a pond net.

    Game on Fishing wholesale

    As aGame on Fishing wholesaler we are happy to help you get started with our assortment. Would you like to offer our games in your store or webshop? You can purchase all items from us. The demand for nets and fishing rods will always be high in wetlands. So with Game on Fishing you are guaranteed success.

    Want to know more about our Game on Fishing assortment? Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you personally!