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At Hot Wheels wholesaler Van der Meulen you can buy the most fun and popular car toys. Hot Wheels is an American brand selling scale cars and is nowadays mainly known for the extreme racetracks you can build. With this brand, you can be sure that you can have fun on the perfect racetrack.

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    Hot Wheels cars

    Hot Wheels cars come in countless versions. From variations on famous car brands to cars with a Super Mario character. The cars are a real collector's item. With so many different cars, there is always one you haven't added to your collection. You can expand your Hot Wheels collection almost endlessly.

    Hot Wheels collection

    Within the Hot Wheels collection you will find not only model cars for racing. You will also find complete race tracks and parts for tracks. You can use these parts to build the ultimate race track for your Hot Wheels. Just like the number of cars, the possibilities are endless. Build a track as long as you can, with the craziest stunts, and get your cars to the finish line. Because Hot Wheels collections are always expandable, this is a perfect brand for your toy collection.

    Hot Wheels batch sales

    As a Hot Wheels wholesaler we are happy to help you with our Hot Wheels and racetracks collection. Do you want to sell the Hot Wheels collection in your store or webshop? You can buy all the cars and tracks from us. Hot Wheels has been entertaining young and old for years, so these items should not be missing in your store.

    Would you like to know more about our Hot Wheels collection? Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you personally!