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Falk distributor Van der Meulen supplies the most fun ride-on toys, especially for little farmers and construction workers. Falk ride-on toys are a landmark in the world of toys.

Note: We have more Falk-articles in our collection than we can show at this moment. Our product range consists of a large selection of tractors with or without trailer, ride-on motors, carriers and an excavator. Would you like to buy our Falk product range or are you interested? Please feel free to contact us, so we can send you a quotation.

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    Falk driving toys

    It's great for any child to ride around on a real moving tractor or crane. Nothing is more fun than using cars, tractors and cranes to change the world around you. These toys also ensure that children get plenty of exercise every day: There is no time to sit still when there are jobs to be done! With the driving toys from Falk, every child has hours of fun. A perfect addition to the selection in your store.

    Falk collection

    Within Falke's product selection you will find various walking and pedal vehicles. The tractors are well known to everyone and a dream for every child. In addition to tractors, you will also find a mini version of a fire truck and more. The excavator should not be forgotten either: with this you can really dig yourself. The toys from Falk should definitely be included in the collection in your store.

    Falk batch sales

    As a Falk wholesaler we are happy to provide you with further information about the products. Would you like to sell the Falk collection in your store or web shop? You can purchase all the toys on wheels from us. The Falk toys are and will always be a household name: a guaranteed success in your store.

    Would you like to know more about our Falk collection? Feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you personally!