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At Siku wholesaler Van der Meulen you will find the best diecast miniature vehicles. This German brand started with selling plastic scale models but switched with the introduction of diecast. The model vehicles still have plastic interiors and windows. The diecast vehicles from Siku are of high quality and very detailed. They are perfect to play with, and a collector’s items at the same time.

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    Siku diecast vehicles

    Siku's scale model vehicles are made using diecast. A mold is first made for the vehicles, after which molten metal is poured into it. This makes Siku's vehicles sturdy and durable. A lot of attention is paid to the details on the diecast vehicles to make them look realistic.

    Siku assortment

    Siku's scale model vehicles are of high quality and suitable for both play and collect. Within the assortment of Siku you will find a diverse range of model vehicles. From agricultural vehicles to airplanes, sports cars and trucks. Whether you are a collector or like to role-play with vehicles, offering the Siku assortment will make every customer happy.

    Siku wholesale

    As a Siku wholesaler we are happy to help you on your way with our assortment of diecast vehicles. Do you want to offer our Siku assortment in your store or webshop? You can purchase all their toys from us. Siku has been entertaining children with cool cars and vehicles for a long time, so it should not be missing in your toy assortment.

    Want to know more about our Siku assortment? Feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you!