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Burago wholesale Van der Meulen delivers the fastest die-cast car brand! The model cars of Burago are familiar to every car lover. For the little car fans you will find a nice collection of toy cars in the selection. The Burago brand is known for its scale model cars since 1967. They make, among other things, scale model cars of famous vehicles, such as the race car of Max Verstappen. The cars are real collectors items, but are also fun to play with.

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    Burago die-cast

    Burago's scale model cars are made by die-casting. Die-casting is a process in which metal is poured into a mold. This creates durable and sturdy toy cars from Burago. The details on the cars are carefully elaborated and make the cars extra realistic.

    Model car collection

    Burago is the perfect brand for car lovers, both young and old. They keep up with the current trends in the automotive world. With Burago, you have an excellent opportunity to jump on the popularity of Formula 1. You will find in the collection, among others, the up-to-date model cars of Max Verstappen, Jean Le Clerc and Lewis Hamilton. In addition, you will also find popular car models from the European market. With Burago on your shelf you are guaranteed success!

    Burago batch sales

    As a Burago wholesaler we would like to guide you through our selection of die-cast model cars. Do you want to introduce the Burago collection in your store or web shop? You can buy all cars from us. The Burago model cars have a sleek appearance and are durable due to the use of die-cast material. Guaranteed success in your shop!

    Would you like to know more about our Burago collection? Feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you personally!