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At Welly wholesaler Van der Meulen you will find the best diecast vehicles. The model cars are a real collector's item. They are based on actual car models and therefore look very realistic. At Welly you will find sports cars as well as construction vehicles and airplanes. This way you will find a suitable vehicle in the assortment for every child.

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    Welly diecast vehicles

    Welly's scale model cars are made by means of diecast. Diecasting is a process in which metal is poured into a mould. This ensures that Welly's toy cars are durable and sturdy. The details on the cars are worked out with care, making the cars look extra realistic.

    Welly assortment

    The Welly assortment is diverse and offers something for every fan of scale model vehicles. From trucks and construction vehicles to passenger cars and tuned cars. The tuned cars come in a surprise packaging. So you never know what car and accessories you will get when buying a Tune Up surprise. Tune your cars with the accessories included in the package.

    Welly wholesale

    As a Welly wholesaler we are happy to help you on your way with our assortment of model vehicles. Do you want to offer our Welly assortment in your store or webshop? You can purchase all their toy vehicles from us. Welly enthuses children with fast cars and cool vehicles, so it should not be missing in your toy assortment.

    Want to know more about our Welly assortment? Feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you!